Let’s go reactive with JAVA

Tech Triveni speaker Vinisha Sharma

Vinisha Sharma

Software Consultant

Knoldus Inc

About Vinisha Sharma

Vinisha is a software consultant in Knoldus with 3+ years of work experience in the field of Java and Scala. I am very keen on exploring functional and reactive programming paradigms which are changing all the dimensions of a software development cycle. Besides this, I like trekking watching movies and dancing.


Reactive programming is a new concept that is catching everyone’s eyes these days. The concept has been adopted by the various aspects of software engineering be it application development or DevOps. Our software development languages are also not untouched from it.

So, how can JAVA which has such a large community refrain itself from going reactive? The foundational topics for this talk will revolve around the ideas of reactive programming and what steps JAVA has taken towards being reactive. This would involve the latest buzz words in the market: Reactive streams, Reactive stream specification, the concept of mono and flux. We will also be touching how spring has used these features of reactive streams to make a new API development framework: Spring Boot Webflux. We hope the talk will help to understand Reactive programming aspects of JAVA and it will not bewilder the users as now they know that it’s a coding style that centers on the effective management of changes with async data streams.

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