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Tech Triveni speaker Ujjyaini Mitra

Ujjyaini Mitra

Head Data


About Ujjyaini Mitra

Ujjyaini, who passionately loved solving Mathematics puzzles as a child, who left behind the opportunities to join IIT but chose to study Mathematics and Theoretical Computer Science at Chennai Mathematical Institute and then pursued Quantitative Economics at her Masters from ISI Kolkata, received an offer to join McKinsey, one of the world’s best management consulting firm as an Analyst, when she didn’t even know what is Analytics.

McKinsey introduced her to the world of Data Science and she spends 6.5 years traveling across the Globe and solving challenging business cases cross-industry – FMCG, Telecom-Media-Tech, E-commerce, Logistics as well as Macro-Economic Policy at Govt level.

She then went on to build and lead the Advanced Analytics team of Bharti Airtel, India – where she built a strong team of analysts who delivered a few time-critical strategic projects in decision science. She ventured the e-commerce domain with India’s first successful startup-Flipkart and joined Media space with Viacom18 Media Pvt Ltd and currently with Zee5 to drive the enterprise level goal of Data-driven decision making and monetizing data through right actionable insights.

To mentor budding managers and data scientists, she visits various Institutions to share her experience with students.


Digital Media is the fastest growing industry and hyper-personalization is the only way to grow and create consumer loyalty. Multiple pioneering AI use cases are getting experimented here. Few use cases are - Video meta-tagging through AI, Video summarization, Video synopsis, Creating Video subtitle (where we use Speech to text and then text translation in Indian regional languages). Also, in India, we have an Ad-supported platform. Thus, converting the same Ad video contextually - related to the content one is watching is another newer use case. I would love to share a few of these use cases, why bringing the solutions from the West is not enough and training and customization for India and Asian is most important, current success rate, how to calculate the ROI of such AI solutions.

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