Augmentation of bids for programmatic ad auctions @ real time with the power of Reactive Architecture

Tech Triveni speaker Sumit Srivastava

Sumit Srivastava

Engineering Lead

MiQ Digital

About Sumit Srivastava

A software system developer by profession, passion, and a Master of Technology degree to ascertain that. Frugality is what I believe in when building systems for scale, efficiency and performance. I have been working at MiQ for 5+ years now, and currently lead the development team responsible for services handling complex integrations with different Demand Side Platforms.


We at MiQ bid for billions of impressions everyday. This comes at a cost, and a lot many technical challenges. A million+ requests per second with response time limited to less than 10ms, Reactive programming enabled us to keep the resource costs minimum; with highly scalable and efficient ecosystem. In this session we delve deeper into the multiple aspects of the challenges, alongside a brush with the architecture of the system that keeps delivering for us.

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