Modeling your RDBMS in Neo4J

Tech Triveni speaker Ravindra Singh

Ravindra Singh

Technical Architect


About Ravindra Singh

Ravindra is a Technical Architect at Srijan. He has 8+ years of experience of developing and architecting complex web applications across PHP, Analytics, and recently chatbots, Machine Learning, and cloud computing. Ravindra is a graduate in Information Technology from Punjab Technical University.

Ravindra stands out for leading the Drupal community in Delhi, in addition to other meetups, training sessions, and code sprints. He also speaks within the organization and throughout the region on topics like Drupal, Big data, and Machine Learning.


Graph database technology has started to transform applications in a large number of industries. In the same context, the graph is becoming the next generation of RDBMS. All your data can be managed in GraphDB. The Neo4J graph database provides out of the box feature “relationship “ structure with minutes-to-milliseconds performance.

Key-takeaways from the session:

  • Understanding on GraphDB and graph data model
  • Demonstration of RDBMS to Neo4J
  • Cypher - The Graph Query language
  • Understanding the areas where GraphDB can be fit
  • Graphs AI use cases

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