Tackling Asynchrony with Kotlin Coroutines

Tech Triveni speaker Shubham Goyal

Praveer Gupta

Software Development Manager

Expedia Group

About Praveer Gupta

Praveer is a technology enthusiast. He currently works with Expedia Group. He has more than 10 years of experience in building software during which he has delivered software for multiple industry domains and has worked on different technologies on the backend, front-end, mobile, and big data systems. He fulfills his passion for technology by writing robust software, programming in multiple languages and paradigms and sharing experience via blogs and conferences.


Reactive Programming is an approach to asynchronous programming. Like every other tool, reactive programming tools like RxJava or Reactor come with their own challenges. Kotlin Coroutines alleviates may of these challenges. Kotlin Coroutines, when being designed, had the advantage of being able to explore existing code that uses reactive stream.

This talk will highlight some of these practical challenges and show how Kotlin Coroutines tackle them. The challenges that will be covered are changes in interface design, programming paradigm shift, reactive type selection, exception handling, cancellation, resource leakage, and sequential vs concurrent.

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