Finding the best solution for Image Processing

Tech Triveni speaker Pranjut Gogoi

Pranjut Gogoi

Senior Lead Consultant

Knoldus Inc

About Pranjut Gogoi

Pranjut Gogoi is the enthusiast of Machine Learning and AI with 8+ years of experience. He is been implementing different machine learning projects in Knoldus. He started an initiative called MachineX through which they share knowledge with the world. With this initiative, he broadcasts different free webinars, write different blogs and contributes to open source communities on machine learning and AI.


What is beyond using Tensorflow, GPU or TPU to process images seamlessly? Do we have a silver bullet for image processing? Over the years, image processing has picked up a different level of attraction. Everyone can think about its ease of usability because it has become a reality now. We have started seeing how Residual Neural Network architecture is being used for different cases and not only that, how Residual Neural network is being tweaked to solve different problems. Along with tweaking the ResNet, preprocessing is also being improved to support different architecture for this matter.

Everyone has almost become cyborg already with mobile phones in our hands and apparently until human beings bring the AI/ML to the phones completely they are not taking any rest. We are going to see the development of different architecture and algorithms around running AI/ML on low configuration devices.

In this session, we are going to talk about different research papers submitted for these matters and some implementations for the same as well.

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