UI Dev in Big data world using open source

Tech Triveni speaker Paramjit Jolly

Paramjit Jolly

Director Engineering

Guavus a Thales Company

About Paramjit Jolly

Paramjit Jolly is Director Engineering having industry experience of 18+ years. Worked in different domains like e-learning, Multimedia, Pharmaceutical, Healthcare & Telecommunication. Working in Big data analytics & machine learning from the last 10+ years in Guavus, a Thales Company.

Designed & developed various UI/UX frameworks for the quick development of apps in the big data analytics world. He has designed & developed a lot of reusable libraries. Used & extended a lot of open-source data visualization & development frameworks.

Attended a lot of international & national in fields of UI Dev, also presented in a couple of conferences in India. He wanted to share his UI development experience in the world of big data analytics & machine learning.


He will be sharing his last 10 years of experience in UI Development for Big Data Analytics & ML world using available open-source plethora in the market. How 'UI dev' needs to target big data problems?

Key points to consider while choosing any open-source framework/library for the big data world.

  • Do you need to write a custom framework or use ready-made open source, when what to choose?
  • How dev can leverage open source frameworks like Angular, REACT to making big data apps faster?
  • How you can extend open-source BI tools like Kibana, superset graphana to make UI development tool?
  • How to show network big data using open source graph libraries?
  • How to deal with real-time data in Big data UI?
  • Why use & contribute to open source?

Design UI for future as in Big data world customer problems keep changing with time. Showcasing demo for our real customer's problems, how we achieved using these open source libraries.

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