Micro Frontends Architecture

Tech Triveni speaker Jitendra Kumawat

Jitendra Kumawat

Lead Technology

Guavus Inc.

About Jitendra Kumawat

Jitendra is Lead Technology at Guavus (a Thales company). He works on cutting edge technologies including frontend, backend and databases. He likes to do technical discussions, explore and deep dive in technologies.In Guavus he is working on different design patterns with latest technologies to develop softwares and enable team to implement these design pattern in their applications.His expertise is in Frontend development with different technologies like Angular, React etc.


Micro Frontends Architecture is micro service approach for Frontend development. Micro Frontends thinks web-app as a composition of features which are owned by independent teams. Each team has a distinct area of business or mission it cares about and specialises in it. A team is cross functional and develops its features end-to-end, from database to user interface and take care of CI/CD. Micro service architechure is well know concept for backend point of view but In frontend we need to follow diffrent type of design pattern to achieve this.

Key Take away:
1. Learn about Micro Frontend
2. How to practically use them
3. Key challenges

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