Introduction of Blockchain & Ethereum

Tech Triveni speaker Jitendra Chittoda

Jitendra Chittoda

Blockchain Security Engineer

Chain Security

About Jitendra Chittoda

Jitendra is a Blockchain Security Engineer at Chain Security. Previously served as Blockchain Architect at ETHLend.

He has been architecting & security reviewing decentralized applications deployed over Ethereum Blockchain. More than $50+ million worth of assets been handled by Smart Contracts he has reviewed and developed. He has also published ERC-1068 standard for P2P Lending contracts. Active contributor to open source Ethereum tools. He is also the Founder and Leader of Delhi & NCR Java User Group(JUG).

Jitendra is a regular speaker in various conferences, Hackathons & meetups.


Blockchain technology is at a very early stage, Bitcoin is one of the implementation of Blockchain. Implications of Blockchain technology are so huge that it could disrupt each and every industry/sector. It has the power to remove intermediaries and replace Trust. Blockchain technology provides immutable distributed ledger which empowers the end users directly without the need for third-parties. Some of the examples are decentralized exchanges, Renting out processing & disk resources to others.

Ethereum is an implementation of Blockchain technology. Ethereum empowered the Blockchain world with its Turing complete Smart Contract language Solidity. Smart Contracts on the Ethereum blockchain is new technology to write immutable behaviors. Ethereum is already being used in many industries like p2p lending, digital rights management, prediction markets etc.

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