Simplified Scala Monads And Transformation

Tech Triveni speaker Harmeet Singh

Harmeet Singh

Software Consultant

Knoldus Inc.

About Harmeet Singh

I am working at knoldus from more than 2 years. Here we work on Lightbend technology stack and cutting-edge technologies like blockchain and IOT. We always recommend following good design practices, patterns, code quality, unit testing and more. At knoldus, I am always presenting and attending knowledge sharing sessions with new and existing technologies which are called Knolx. On the personal note, I like to eat homemade food, reading, listening to music and spend time with family.


Keeping the functional paradigm intact while using complicated monad structure in your code could be quite a tedious task. Especially, when your business logic needs to be structured in a flow, suddenly you realize that your code is moving away from the functional paradigm. Well, definitely Monads composition is the savior in this kind of situations, however, composing them practically is again a cumbersome task. We will be doing live coding examples in this talk, which would hopefully make you sit back and relax when you face this kind of situation again. We will create custom monads, right usage of monadic operator and resolution of monad composition problems and monads transformation with some real-life scenarios and examples.

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