Future of AI enabled chatbots in enterprises

Tech Triveni speaker Gaurav Mishra

Gaurav Mishra

Business Head


About Gaurav Mishra

Gaurav has 10+ years of experience in building and leading diversified teams such as marketing, sales, and solution delivery. With a strong technology background and having delivered complex digital transformation to Fortune 500 organizations, he has a knack of providing thought leadership in large-scale adoptions of emerging technologies.

Gaurav has played an instrumental role in devising exceptional innovations, and enterprise-wide adoptions in the areas of Drupal (WCM), IoT enabled-AI chatbots-voice bots, big-data, and deep learning. He has been working with enterprises including 2 Fortune 500 companies who come from industry verticals such as travel, chemicals, banking & financial services, and cosmetics and media & publishing. Gaurav heads US business at Srijan and works directly with key enterprises clients. He also mentors sales and marketing teams that have been consistently exceeding expectations under his leadership.


By 2020, 85% of all enterprise interaction will be via bots. AI-powered bots can make frictionless customer experiences, and drive more conversions. In this session, Gaurav will talk about leading-edge innovations in conversational interfaces space.

The talk will be more inclined towards - the future of tailor-made chatbots-voice bots that use advanced AI algorithms through deep learning, and IoT ecosystems to make an instrumental tool for enterprise collaboration. Key-take aways will be:

  • Use cases in large enterprises: internal and customer-facing chatbots-voice bots
  • AI first architecture
  • Chatbots that assist in informed decision making through predictive and prescriptive algorithms
  • A few examples from Gaurav's experience of devising cutting-edge innovations followed by large-scale implementation for a couple of Fortune 500 companies.
  • Upcoming innovations in AI -Chatbots space that can bring in first-mover benefits for enterprises

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